Tennessee State Trapshooting Association
Home grounds Nashville Gun Club  1100 County Hospital Rd, Nashville TN 37218

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Inducted 2013
Robert Crouse
Robert Crouse started serious shotgun shooting at turkey shoots that were held in the local community. He shot his first registered targets in 1992 at Lavinia. He attended his first Tennessee State Trap shoot at Henry Horton State Park the very next year. Since 1993 Robert has participated in nearly every TN State Shoot. He has shot over 112,000 registered targets and attained the 26 yard line shooting on a squad with Nora Martin in Corinth MS. Robert attained a career high 97.8 average in singles in 2003 and a 93.4 average in doubles in the same year. Robert is at his home club ( Henderson Gun Club) every Thursday afternoon giving instructions and having fun with the local youth shooters. Robert is always ready to lend a helping hand. He gives freely of his own time, shells, and reloading components to help youth shooting.