Tennessee State Trapshooting Association
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William E. (Bill) Hardison is elected to the Hall of Fame both for his shooting accomplishments and for his service to trapshooting in Tennessee. Upon joining the ATA in 1985, he shot his first registered targets at Corinth, Mississippi. Four years later he became an ATA life member. He won the Tennessee Handicap Championship in 1989 and was Open Champ in the Arkansas State Handicap in 1990.

He has twice been runner-up in the Tennessee State Singles. He made three all-state teams in the late 1990's. Bill has won multiple trophies at the Grand American, including Veteran Championships in the 2010 Super 500, Handicap, the 2011 Trapshooting USA Handicap and the 2013 Blaser Handicap. 

By the middle of May 2015 he had registered 93,200 singles, 86,900 handicap and 38,100 doubles for a lifetime total of 218,200 targets, which ranks 10th among currently active shooters in Tennessee.

Bill has been a member of Memphis Sport Shooting Association since 1985 and served on its Board of Directors for ten years. For the past 18 years he has been in charge of all MSSA's registered shoots. During his board tenure, the MSSA became the home club for a large contingent of SCTP shooters. This program has grown to the point of encompassing 13 Memphis area schools that practice and hold monthly shoots at MSSA.

He has served as a member of the TSTA Board of Directors and was its president from 1993 to 1994.

​William E. (Bill) Hardison