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ATA Registered Shoot Paperwork

All ATA shoot dates must be requested from the TSTA via a  Registered Shoot Application. The application can be downloaded from this site by clicking above, this form you can fill out and email to TSTA.  Mail or E-mail the completed form to the TSTA address below. The dates will be approved by the TSTA secretary and forwarded to the ATA. You will receive shoot paper work from the ATA.  

Please follow all requirements as it is our duty, as shoot managers, to make sure all scores are registered with the ATA in a timely manner.

 If you do not hold a shoot that has been approved by the ATA you do need to send a Shoot Cancellation Report within 8 days to the ATA and to the TSTA. ATA forms can be down loaded from http://www.shootata.com/AboutUs/ATABylaws,Rulebook,Forms/OnlineShootCancellation.aspx

Excerpts from the ATA Rule Book , complete Rule book at http://www.shootata.com/AboutUs/ATABylaws,Rulebook,Forms.aspx

Proper blank application forms, obtained from the ATA, or local State secretaries, should be filled out and provided to the State secretary for approval prior to the scheduled shoot. If there are club dues or other obligations to the State, these must be enclosed with applications. Registered league dues of $25.00 per league must be submitted to ATA with the appropriate league application. If the application is in order, the State secretary will approve and forward it to the ATA for the certification of registration provided that the date(s) requested will not conflict with the dates of a registered event and/or tournament granted to another club or association in close proximity. The question of close proximity is left to the judgment of the officials of the
State association. State and Provincial Associations shall not unreasonably withhold approval of shoot dates from affiliated clubs. 

Following the conclusion of a registered shoot and/or tournament Shoot Management is responsible or will delegate the responsibility for:

1. Completing and sending to the ATA office the following items:
a. The ATA report form with complete names, addresses, ATA card
numbers, and accurate scores of all shooters for all events. Also send a copy to TSTA.

b. The earned yardage reports.

c. A trophy list and shoot - off results for all ATA registered events that qualify for All American points.

d. Names and addresses of those paying ATA dues at the shoot.

e. A check for ATA daily fees or league registration fees collected at the shoot or league. (ATA Finical Report Form) The ATA daily Fee is $3 per day per shooter.

f. One (1) copy of the official shoot program or league Rules. 

Send to the TSTA:

State fees collected ($2.00 per shooter per day along with a copy of the ATA Finical Report and copies of shooter scores sent to the ATA)

Send to Trap & Field Magazine the Trap & Field report form.

The above must be done within 8 calendar days following the last day of the registered shoot or league to avoid a $25.00 late shoot report fine for the first offense and a $100.00 late shoot report fine for second offense in a target year, which, if not paid, will be deducted from that state rebate. A third offense will dictate cancellation of registered shoot privileges until delinquent shoot reports and or money are properly received by ATA. Any check(s) presented to ATA and subsequently dishonored is equal to a third offense and must be paid, including bank charges, before further registered shoots are permitted.

Call or email any question.

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