Tennessee State Trapshooting Association
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2020 All-State Team
The 2019 Tennessee All-State Team is based on the highest composite averages from the 2018 ATA target year. It is selected from TSTA members in good standing who meet the applicable minimum target requirements: Men: 2,000 singles, 1,500 handicap, 1,000 doubles; Categories: 1,000 singles, 1,000 handicap, 500 doubles. The number of awards in categories is based on the number of qualifiers. All-Americans automatically are named All-State.
To be considered for the 2021 All-State Team you must have shot the Championship Events at the 2020 State Shoot
According to the TSTA Constitution, a member in good standing is a shooter who resided in Tennessee for at least six months of the year. 


Open                                                              Sub Junior
Robert Smith 96.47                                        Brayden Morris 93.60 AA
Mitchel Loveless 95.26 AA                             Gage Jarnigan 93.17 AA
George Reese Jr 94.68                                  Landon Meadows 92.65 AA
Donald Smith 94.25                                        Logan Meadows 92.37 AA
Mike Burnette 92.01                                        Lucas Davis 87.65 AA
Barry Allen 91.91
Richie Bolin 91.84                                          Lady I
Mark Cantrell 91.31                                        Brooke Barnett 93.25 AA
Rick Sweeney 90.72
David Beesinger 90.64 

  Lady II
  Sandra Smith 77.25

Junior                                                             Junior Gold
Hunter Morton 93.51                                      Garrett Sweeney 96.12 AA
Caleb Clayton 93.44 AA                                 Dillon Tosh 95.47
Hayden Jacobs 92.50 AA                               Hayden Zeigler 95.18
Colby Lancaster 92.36                                   Brandon White 93.27
Caleb Tetleton 91.47                                      Issac Sharp 92.64
Seth Swinea 91.42                                         Seth Cooper 92.38 AA
Chandler Hinson 91.21                                  Drake Fenwick 91.21
Jacob Taylor 90.80

Veteran Senior                                              Veteran
George Reese 90.29                                     Larry Hord 91.12
Herman Chandley 86.93                               Walter Kern 91.11​