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August ATA Delegate Report
June seems to be a popular month for state shoots, about the only decision you have to make is which direction you want to travel.

Alabama—May 30-June 2, Dixie Trap & Skeet at Mathews, AL.

North Carolina—June 5-9, North Carolina Homegrounds at Bostic, NC

Tennessee—June 11-12 AIM State Shoot followed by the TN state shoot on June 13-16 at Nashville, TN.

Arkansas—June18-23, Arkansas G&FF SSC at Jacksonville, AR

Chandler Brown and Chase Kobeck recently attended the Southwestern Grand at San Antonio, Texas and won several trophies. After completing his Grand Slam last August with 100 straight from the 27 yard line, just to show it wasn’t a fluke Chandler did it again in Texas. Congratulations to both Junior Gold shooters.

Congratulations to Marshall Horn while shooting at Henderson Gun Club recently he registered his 25,000 doubles target.

It’s not too early to be planning on attending part or all of the Grand American. The dates are July 31-August 10, 2019.

Read the Rulebook, please.

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For questions or more info, contact me at [email protected] or 731-217-9957.

Billy Cook
ATA Delegate  

June ATA Delegate Report
This month we finish up with the last three State Shoots for the Southern Zone. Kentucky---July 2-7 at Central Kentucky Gun Club, Berea, Virginia—July 3-7 at VA Homegrounds, Winchester Gun Club, Stephenson and West Virginia—July 10-14 at Winchester Gun Club, Stephenson, Virginia.

The Southern Zone is also this month. Locations are Central Kentucky Gun Club, Berea,KY Coast R & PC, Biloxi, MS, North Carolina Homegrounds, Bostic, NC and Silver Dollar SC at Odessa, FL.

The AIM National Championships July 26-30, 2019 at WSRC Sparta, IL.

The 120th Grand American World Championships July 31-August 10, 2019 at WSRC Sparta, IL.

Tennessee shooters have been shooting good scores at state shoots. Those winning trophies at the recent Georgia State shoot: Caleb Clayton, Chase Kobeck, Gage Jarnagin, Maynard Brooks and Colby Lancaster.

Winners at the South Carolina shoot; George Reese, Anthony Browder, Wally Lowery, Gage Jarnagin, Tyler Honnold, Kenneth Detherage, Alex Jackson and Herman Chandley.

Winners at the Missouri State shoot: Seth Cooper, Chandler Brown, Ronald Biggs, Tom Freeman, Chandler Hinson, Brayden Morris and Caleb Tetleton.

Congratulations to all the above winners and to Bill Hardison of Memphis for registering his 250,000 target, becoming the 16th Tennessee shooter to reach the Quarter Million Club.

Read the Rulebook, please.

Check out our website at Shoottn.com for more info. For questions or further information, contact me at [email protected] or 731-217-9957.

Billy Cook
ATA Delegate

July ATA Delegate Report
It’s August, so that means it is time for the 120th Grand American World Championship at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex in Sparta IL. The shoot will begin July 31 and continue through August 10, 2019. Come shoot any or all of the 2600 targets.

Tennessee shooters have been bringing lots of trophies home to the Volunteers State.
At the US Open winners were Caleb Tetleton, Lucas Davis, Hunter Morton, Brooke Barnett, Mitchel Loveless and Bill Clayton.

At the Alabama State Shoot those winning trophies were Jeff Duren, Gage Jarnagin, Mike Sisk, Caleb Clayton, Seth Swinea, Lauren Hyde, Seth Cooper, Jeff Clapp, Brady Duren, Jaxon Mercer, Terry Reardon and Jacob Duren.

The following week at the North Carolina State Shoot winners were Gage Jarnagin, Caleb Clayton, Brooke Barnett, Caleb Tetleton, Mike Burnette, Lucas Davis, Tyler Honnold, James Jameson and Herman Chandley. Also at the NC shoot Gage Jarnigan was punched to the 27 yard line.

June 13-16 was the Tennessee State Shoot with Gage Jarnigan winning the Singles, George Reese JR/ Doubles, Dillon Tosh/ Handicap, Mitchel Loveless/ HOA and Dillon Tosh/ HAA.
Congratulations to all of the above winners. Also Tom Freeman and the late Hugh Midgett on their induction into the Tennessee Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

See you in Sparta.

Read the ATA Rulebook, Please.

Check out our website at Shoottn.com.
For questions or more info, contact me at [email protected] or 731-217-9957.

Billy Cook is the new Southern Zone Vice President
he was elected during  the 2019 Grand American
 ATA Delegate Report from the Grand American
Well another Grand is in the books. Will just try to cover the high lights of the meeting, but will tell about the Grand first.

We had classified 3,495 shooters as of 9 A M Saturday morning. There may have been a few stragglers come later, that’s 11 fewer than last year. Of that figure there were 14 South Africans, over 80 Brazilians, several from Australian and New Zealand and a few other countries. One lady I classified from Australia had landed in LA, rented a car and drove to the Grand. They’re headed to the Cardinal Center this week to shoot and then they’re going to Niagara Falls before catching a flight out of New York.

TN was represented well with 155 shooters attending. 

In case you haven’t heard by now Dillon Tosh won the Championship Doubles. AGAIN.

Now to the Board meeting. 

AIM membership was up 10%.
41.4% of active ATA members are under age 23.
Active Jr Gold members + 310% since 2012.

2019 AIM Championship Tournament: 
Skeet 343 entries.
SC 351 entries.
Handicap 957 entries.
Doubles 852 entries.
Singles 1,624 entries. 
Total entries: up 7%. 
AA points Factor of 7.

52 Grand American Sponsors. 

For comparison 2018 registered targets, ATA was 61%, NSCA 28% and NSSA was 11%.

Satellite Grands for this year are down about 14%. State shoots thru 7/18 are down about 5%. Weather was part of the problem.

The most important vote was for a rule change. As you know several state shoots in the past, TN included and this year in AR. What to do in case of inclement weather, power outages or whatever. What to do once an event is started. 

This rule change passed.
 Sec X, D, 6. Once started all events must be completed within 24 hours of the last event of the tournament. If an event is not completed, all unused target and option money must be refunded to the shooters who do not complete the event.

Mike Herman of Colorado is the new ATA President.

Thats the highlights.

Billy Cook